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Changing the Scene

I am in Vancouver for work and it’s an incredibly beautiful, clean city. The great thing about long conferences that last several days is getting to see the city in between work obligations, and this is my first time in the Pacific Northwest. The above photo is some art along the harbor, which has a long walking trail all around it, complete with charming houseboats and signs that relate the area’s Native American history. The scene below is from Stanley Park, where indigenous families lived until the last century.

I’ve got my family with me and everyone is jet lagged (toddler awake at 5 am each day so far), but that’s ok. She and I had a nice breakfast together when the hotel restaurant opened at 6:30 am and I was loving all the Pacific smoked salmon, fresh fruit, steel cut oats, pancakes, etc. at the buffet. They even gave her her breakfast for free, which was so nice.

It’s really cold here for us Floridians, in the upper 30s, and the kids were thrilled to see snow out the window of the airport in Montreal, where we had a layover. Our hotel overlooks the harbor where seaplanes land. And last night we had delicious poke bowls:

I love traveling even though it’s challenging with kids. We still drag them everywhere despite complaints, and they’ve been to places ranging from Japan to Morocco. Even though there’s a lot of stress involved that doesn’t make it into the Instagram-ready photos, usually the good parts outweigh the bad and they get so excited when we are going somewhere.

On another note, thinking about what I would do with my time if I had infinite amounts of money, someone posted this on Facebook and it resonated with me. I love both the excitement of travel and the prospect of quiet days at home.

But what interested me the most about my friend’s post is how many people commented that they could identify with the impossibility of ever achieving this vision for life. As if having a simple life was as impossible as the pet dragon and spaceship. I don’t want that to be the case. I believe it’s something we can strive for, even amidst all the technologies and work stresses and schedules that attempt to complicate it. Who wants to help me figure out how? 😊

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  1. Ana Ana

    Beautifully written. Love how you managed to find the beauty and pleasure through the chaos. A simple breakfast with your daughter sounds wonderful.

    It amazes me how many people view FI as a pipe dream. It’s unfortunate.

    • misFIRE misFIRE

      Right? I don’t think it has even occurred to most people that it’s even a possibility… you really do have to stumble on it, though, or have some kind of an awakening.

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